Why Choose ViraGuard Pro?

Certified Professionals devoted to helping our community stay protected against contamination. Guaranteeing that our professional cleaning services will disinfect your home from the hidden or shadowed surfaces to the daily used items. We take pride in our services.


Not only do we ensure those hidden areas get covered with a uniform coating to provide the highest level of disinfecting. Our sanitizing services are capable of keeping your workplace operating, safe, and free from infections for up to 90 days.

Sanitizing services are safe on fabrics. FDA and CDC Approved and Non Corrosive. 

ViraGuard Pro is committed to providing a professional sanitizing service to each client that exceed their expectation of quality value and performance. 


Our team is professionally trained to clean, disinfect, purify, and sanitize homes throughout the state of Oklahoma, including interior spaces, HVAC systems, and air ducts.